Free and open source alternative to Uber/Lyft connecting passengers and drivers.

LibreTaxi makes ridesharing affordable by getting rid of the third party between passengers and drivers. Negotiate the price before the ride is confirmed, pay cash upon arrival. 1-minute hiring for all drivers.

Free of charge

We do not take any money for using the service. App is free for drivers and passengers.

Cash only

No credit cards. Drivers get paid directly with cash. BitCoin integration is on the way!

Get hired instantly

No credit approval process. No vehicle restrictions. Start making money as a driver in one minute!

Negotiable pricing

Win-win. Drivers can set their prices and offer discounts. Passengers can bargain before the ride is confirmed.

All devices supported

Works on iOS, Android, Mac, Web. Based on the Telegram messaging app.

Privacy and freedom

LibreTaxi is free and open-source software under the AGPLv3 license, with minimal tracking.

Battery friendly

With no GPS tracking goes easy on your phone's battery. Simple and minimalistic UI is implemented based on Telegram.

Multiple languages

Works for English, Russian, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish, French. Help us translate LibreTaxi into your language.


Get the source, hack and tune it for your city. Add features specific to your region. Written with JavaScript (ES6).

"LibreTaxi gives flexibility to passengers and self-employment to drivers. People, not corporations, should have control over how a taxi service works!"

Roman Pushkin - founder @ LibreTaxi